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MI-LAB helps researchers share data collected, analytics codes and insight gained.

Recent News

MI-LAB 5.0 Released!

November 21, 2020

MI-LAB 5.0 is released! In this version, we add new features including map view, data portal, testbed management, and code base upgrade from Python2 to Python3.

Please see more information at here.

iCellSpeed at MobiCom’20: Another Success Story!

September 23, 2020

Three graduate students from Purdue and UCLA led by Prof Peng have conducted one more success story over MI-LAB. In this study, they have proposed iCellSpeed, an on-device solution to increase data access speed without any network changes. Its effectiveness has been validated in real-world experiments over AT&T and Verizon networks.

Please see the complete news here.

MI-LAB Adopted to Assess COVID-19's Impacts on US Carrier Networks!

May 1, 2020

MI-LAB will be used to conduct a new project recently funded by NSF CNS-2027650 to assess the impact on operational mobile networks (that is, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile) in face of COVID-19 pandemic. This measurement study will leverage MI-LAB to take a novel on-device measurement approach.

Please see the complete news here.

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